Hi, I'm Kirsty

A professional declutterer and organiser 

Is your disorganised home getting you down?
Do you have more stuff than you know what to do with?
Would your life feel lighter without it?
Do you really need it?
Do you use it?
Would you notice if it was gone?
Is it holding you back?
Would you like to be more focussed, free and on top of life?
How about a home you could fully enjoy?
Let me help you declutter your home and your mind ....


I am married with 3 gorgeous children and a dog. Life is busy! My working life began in sales and marketing working as an account manager for Levis, Coca-Cola and latterly in the publishing sector working with women’s magazines. I learned some invaluable training and organisational skills within this field which I have been able to transfer to various parts of my life. 


Working as an account manager requires both an organised mind and clear vision in order to reach an end goal.  Similarly, working within the decluttering /organising field, I am able to use these skills and in turn help you too. 

At home I have always been a real “tidier”, I love clear, tidy spaces and clean lines.


"Feeling a sense of tidiness makes me feel calm and content in my own home" 

Kirsty Rickett | Tidy Life Tidy Mind


However, living within an extremely busy environment with a big family can be overwhelming and creates endless mess and sometimes stress. In addition, our family, like many others, are living in a generation of consumption continually buying things and watching it all build up adding to the clutter and stress levels.

Before setting up Tidy Life Tidy Mind, it dawned on me that I was constantly tidying up clothes, shoes, toys and doing endless washing which sometimes left me feeling disgruntled and resentful. Having realised that this clutter had a direct relationship to my tension and stress levels, I realised how important it was to keep on top of it all.

Personally, I am constantly getting rid of excess in our house. I throw away, donate, sell and recycle whatever it takes to maintain a tidy home. Living like this helps me stay more calm, makes me a better Mum and ultimately creates a happier living space for all the family. In the past, I would find myself being drawn to books and articles about decluttering and daydreaming about tidying other people’s clutter, At this point, I realised I could help many others live a clutter free life.

"I can help you


be free too!"

 Important Information

Within my work I provide the following:

Confidential consultations
A non-judgemental approach
Guidance and motivation
Emotional support and practical help
A plan of action

I am a member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO) and I abide by their code of ethics. I have professional indemnity and public liability insurance and I am registered with the Information Commissioners Office under the data protection act.

I will never throw away your belongings.

Tidy Life Tidy Mind
Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers
Tidy Life Tidy Mind